About Us

by Rodders Nascimento


Our Mission at Mr. Storkey

We want to make the lives of moms and dads easier and more convenient by bringing relevant content to our audience and offering great quality and adorable baby products online available for your to browse 24/7 at the tip of your fingers.

Our Story

We are a married couple in love. Coming from different countries, we had to embrace the travelling lifestyle to be able to keep our family united. 

Our journey as a new family has been marked by heartless bureaucracies, paper works and visas. But our love for each other and for our little princess has kept our head up. 

Mr. Storkey has given us the opportunity to connect with amazing like minded people as well give us the possibility to work from home and to spend more time with our little princess.

Let us share our amazing journey as parents and learn more from your experience as well. Don’t be a stranger, say hello today.

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